Customer Survey

Informing our forward plans

Our role in the energy system is to carry electricity from the high voltage transmission grid to electricity consumers via a network of cables and poles. We’re developing our plans for the future and we want to understand your needs and expectations so that we can provide the relevant services and support.

The views of our customers and interested stakeholders are critical to our decision-making process, so getting your input is important.

We want to know your preferences and priorities for your electricity network, focusing on three strategic areas of focus between 2023-2028;

  1. Delivering a safe, resilient and responsive network for all our customers
  2. Providing a valued and trusted service for our customers and communities
  3. Accelerating progress towards a net zero world

We have a set of plan options for you to explore with the related bill impacts for 2023-2028, and an indicative bill direction for beyond 2028

We need you to;

  1. Select the statement from each option that you most agree with
  2. Consider the likely price impact that your selection might have on your energy bill
  3. Review the summary of your preferences and the likely price impact
  4. Submit your preferences and provide further feedback to us

NOTE: This survey is a modelling tool to explore future potential investment scenarios. Responding to this survey does not mean you are accepting a bill change.