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As we develop our plan for the future, we want to talk to as many of our consumers, customers and stakeholders as possible to hear what matters most to you.

The scale and pace of change taking place across the energy system means that we’re undertaking enhanced engagement to capture a wide range of views from a multitude of sources.

We’ve been working with our stakeholders since 2020 to shape our plans. The list below details forthcoming events and includes information about events that we’ve held so far during our ED2 journey.


Over the summer we will be hosting a series of engagement sessions to further test and refine the proposals within our plan. 

To register your interest in upcoming events please email

For more information about our annual programme of stakeholder engagement at SSEN, please visit


May 2021

  • Communicating Public Safety Roundtable
  • Delivering on Consumer Priorities for Reliable Electricity Supply
  • Monetised Risk Roundtable

March 2021

  • Uncertainty Mechanisms round table
  • TotEx Optimisation round table
  • Digital experience  workshop
  • TotEx Optimisation Academic Panel
  • Delivering an environmentally sustainable network
  • Whole system Workshop
  • DSO Measures of Success Metrics in RIIO-ED2

February 2021

  • Green Recovery Webinars
  • Powering Scotland’s Islands – Orkney
  • LCT connections – decarbonisation of heat and transport
  • Powering Scotland’s Islands – Inner and Outer Hebrides
  • Co-creating an improved connections process
  • Future of Vulnerability (focus on partnerships and fuel poverty
  • Worst served circuits – customer engagement
  • Energy efficiency research (building on Smart & Fair)
  • Major Connections Customer Survey
  • Major Connections Customer Expert Panel

January 2021

  • Connections Survey
  • Customer Service – internal staff research on customer expectations
  • Telecoms  Expert Panel
  • Worst served customer resilience – workshops
  • Improving the customer journey during supply interruptions

December 2020

  • Supporting Worst Served Customers and Building Resilience
  • Shaping Shetland’s Future Energy Solutions
  • Digitalisation Expert Panel

November 2020

  • How Current and Future Suppliers can Support RIIO-ED2 Requirements – Phase 1
  • How Current and Future Suppliers can Support RIIO-ED2 Requirements (LV monitoring)
  • Our DSO Strategy and Capability Development – Market Facilitation Workshop
  • Creating the Network of the Future – RIIO-ED2 Innovation Strategy

September 2020

  • Understanding Considerations for the Local Network Plan (North of Scotland)
  • Understanding Considerations for the Local Network Plan (Central Southern England)
  • Gathering Stakeholder Views on Network Reliability, Sustainability and DSO
  • Exploring Future Requirements of Vulnerable Consumers