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Draft Determination Response: August 2022

Executive summary


Section A.1: Consultation questions responses to Overview document

Response Form to Section 6. Adjusting allowances for uncertainty

Response Form to Section 9. Approach to the Totex and Business Plan Incentive Mechanisms

Response Form to Section 10. Increasing competition

Response Form to Section 11. RIIO-ED2 in the round, post appeals review and pre-action correspondence

Response Form to Section 12. Access and Forward-looking Charges Significant Code Review

Section A.2: Consultation questions responses to Core methodology document

Response Form to Section 2. Embedding the consumer voice in RIIO-ED2

Response Form to Section 3. Networks for Net Zero

Response Form to Section 4. Supporting a smarter, more flexible, digitally enabled energy system

Response Form to Section 5. Meet the needs of consumers and network users

Response Form to Section 6. Maintain a safe, resilient and reliable network

Response Form to Section 7. Delivering at lowest cost to energy consumers

Section A.3: Consultation questions responses to SSEN Annex document

Response Form to Section 2. Setting outputs

Response Form to Section 4. Adjusting baseline allowances for uncertainty

Response Form to Section 5. Innovation

Section A.4: Consultation questions responses Finance Annex document

Responses to Finance Annex document 


Section B.1: Core Annexes

Annex 1 – Advocacy

Annex 2 – Outputs summary

Annex 3 – Traceability of our responses to Ofgem’s feedback

Annex 4 – Interactions with Ofgem

Annex 5 – Material DD issues and impact on SSEN

Annex 6 – Procedural Issues

Annex 7 – Deliverability

Annex 8 – Environmental

Annex 10 – North of Scotland

Annex 13 – Licence Drafting

Annex 14 – Load EJPs Addendums

Annex 15 – Non-Load EJPs Addendums

Section B.2: Cost assessment Annexes

Cost assessment Annex D – Review of Ofgem’s RIIO-2 Draft Determinations proposal on ongoing efficiency

Cost assessment Annex E – Review of the cost assessment in Ofgem’s RIIO-ED2 Draft Determinations

Cost assessment Annex F – Regional wages

Section B.3: Finance Annexes

Finance Annex A – Finance

Finance Annex I – Financeability of the RIIO-ED2 Draft Determinations by OXERA

Finance Annex J – Reframing our understanding of risk in regulated energy networks by Imrecon with Seth Armitage

Finance Annex K – Assessing the risks of GB energy networks by OXERA

Finance Annex L – Networks Traded Yields